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About Janina Hamann

Janina Hamann has been working as a lawyer specializing in administrative law, with a focus on environmental law, since 2011.

She provides legal advice and handles a wide range of issues within her field of expertise. This includes assisting both companies and individuals in proceedings related to zoning plans. She also provides advice on building and environmental permits. Additionally, she represents clients in enforcement matters, such as cases involving penalty orders or administrative fines. She also has experience with occupational health and safety cases. Janina frequently provides advice and representation in subsidy-related matters.

In 2018, she passed the bar exam in Germany. Since then, she has been advising German parties on Dutch administrative and environmental law.

Janina is a pragmatic and intuitive lawyer who is skilled in litigation, but also explores in each case whether legal proceedings can be avoided.

In 2015, Janina completed the specialized training program "General Administrative Law" at the Grotius Academy of Radboud University. This program is the most comprehensive and complete postgraduate training in the field of general administrative and administrative procedural law.

In addition to her work as a lawyer, Janina taught at the Professional Training for Lawyers program. She is also the chairperson of the independent appeals committee of the municipality of Woerden.

Janina is a member of the Association for Construction Law Lawyers and the Association for Environmental Law.


  • Working Conditions

    Every employer is obligated to ensure the health and safety of their employees during the execution of work tasks. The rules that employers must comply with are outlined in the Working Conditions Act and the Working Conditions Decree. Failure to comply with these obligations can result in high fines imposed by the Dutch Labour Agency. Therefore, it is advisable to regularly assess whether your company is compliant with the occupational health and safety regulations.

    Janina Hamann has experience with enforcement procedures against the Labour Agency, particularly for companies working with hazardous substances.

  • Supervision & Enforcement

    Governmental authorities have the task of overseeing compliance with administrative laws and regulations. For example, municipalities verify whether a construction project has been carried out with the required building permit, while environmental agencies investigate if noise standards are being exceeded. If it is found that laws and regulations are being violated, governmental authorities can take enforcement actions. This may involve imposing an order subject to penalty or imposing an administrative fine.

  • Subsidies

    Governments often use subsidies to achieve their policy objectives. A subsidy is established through a subsidy regulation. Entrepreneurs who are awarded a subsidy must meet certain conditions to receive or maintain the subsidy funds. If, according to the subsidy provider, an entrepreneur no longer meets the specified conditions, this can result in actions such as reclaiming the subsidy or reducing the subsidy amount. In such cases, it is advisable for entrepreneurs to seek legal advice regarding the legality of such a decision.

  • Environmental Law & Spatial Planning

    Within environmental law, Janina Hamann provides advice regarding procedures related to zoning plans and environmental permits. This includes activities such as applying for a building permit for an extension or transforming a commercial building into residential units.


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